Fast Cure Floor & Wall Systems

Floor and Wall problems?

Yes, you’re not alone!

And yes, we have a permanent solution that works.

It’s estimated, that between 70% – 80% of all:

  • restaurants/commercial kitchens
  • food & beverage processing plants
  • public toilets & showers/locker rooms
  • retail stores in front and back of the house
  • prisons/detention centers
  • stadiums & convention centers
  • schools and universities
  • meat packing plants
  • power plants – nuclear or fossil
  • vegetable processing
  • cruise ships
  • casinos
  • hospitals and blood centers
  • morgues
  • zoo’s and all animal containment
  • fishing boats
  • fish processing
  • military vessels, and many other industries have floor and wall system problems that are never solved.

Especially floors over wood or second story elevations that leak to the space below.

“Off the shelf” conventional technologies such as, tile, epoxy, polyurethane, concrete/cement and so called “rubber floors” are commonly installed over and over again with the same unsatisfactory results that include:

  • lengthy cure times makes installation or repair difficult
  • questionable bond to the underlying substrate
  • grout lines are lower in elevation and become a virtual sump pit where bacteria farming occurs
  • pinholes due to curing process, cracked and porous, among other problems
  • inability to flex and bend with the movement of wood, concrete or steel substrates
  • can not bond integrally to itself or dissimilar materials creating cold joints
  • seamed so called “rubber” floors eventually delaminate usually due to loading and flexing, especially over, but not limited to, wood substrates.



Installed successfully for over 55 years by sophisticated owners, architects and plant engineers around the world to overcome the inherent disadvantages of the systems mentioned above.

The IFS advantage over conventional systems is:

  • Fast Cure – 100% full chemical and mechanical loading in less than one hour
  • Pore/pinhole free due to unique chemistry – Will not harbor dirt/bacteria like other systems
  • Easy to keep clean for the life of the floor due to the absence of porosity.
  • “Monolithic Inter-Coat Cohesion” is a seamless, welded molecular bond between layers and butt joints, no cold joints for the life of the floor.
  • Tenacious Integral Bond to Concrete, Wood, Steel, Tile, FRP Board, Vinyl/Rubber, VAT and other substrates.
  • Just the right amount of flexibility to withstand movement associated with wood, steel, and concrete, especially on multi level suspended structural substrates, without cracking and delaminating.
  • IMO Certified materials for the Marine Industry

Want to learn more?

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