Oil Gator Products Are Patented, Safe, Natural, EPA and USDA/AARC Approved Bio-Remediation Cleaners & Absorbents For Land & Sea

Gator® Absorbents & Liquid Cleaners For Land & Sea
A private/public partnership with AARC/USDA
Safe & Natural Bioremediation Products
  Oil Gator – Floor Gator – Gator Wash –  Gator Wash H.D. – Gator Trap –  Acid Gator – Booms, Pad’s and Sock’s 
What’s bioremediation? Click here for an explanation from the EPA

The term bioremediation, simply defined, means using biological action to break down contaminants into harmless by-products.  Using a revolutionary technology, all products in the Gator line contain naturally-occurring microbes that consume grease, oil, and other hydrocarbons and convert them into carbon dioxide and water.  Absorbents also use recycled cotton waste material (naturally impregnated with oil eating microbes in high concentrations) to absorb and biodegrade contaminants.

This also helps our local USA cotton farmers turn a waste products into a revenue stream.

What’s so special about these products?

Gator Products are the only patented 100% natural, non-toxic, non-flammable, and 100% biodegradable bio-catalyst in the world.

They reduce odors by consuming the organic material that causes them.

All Gator products are completely environmentally safe and are used by the US Government and other large corporations.

They are cost-effective and priced competitively at recommended dilution ratios.

They reduce waste and provide easy and responsible disposal

Tell me more about Gator Products.


Natures Way to Bioremediate



OIL GATOR® is a patented, EPA/USDA approved,“ALL NATURAL” biocatalyst.  Oil Gator DOES NOT contain any man-made, cultured or genetically altered micro-organisms.  Oil Gator contains all the natural ingredients necessary to accelerate the indigenous microbes to a point where they will rapidly degrade unwanted hydrocarbons. 

Oil Gator uses nature’s methods and materials to control and remediate hydrocarbons and has been used for years to remediate oil spills on land especially in the oil industry.

Other Gator Products (below) such as Floor Gator  have been used for years in the industrial, commercial and residential  markets.  It’s a safe, quick, and environmentally responsible effective alternative to the calcined clay products (kitty liter) supposed “oil absorbent” that can cause silicosis (lung disease).

On the liquid cleaner side of the Gator Products, Gator Wash HD is a  water based parts washer solution with microbes that won’t flash rust and can be used in oil/water separators. And Gator Trap used as an all purpose cleaner degreaser in restaurants and food plants. When it’s flushed into the pipes and waste stream, it proliferates at an accelerated rate and eats the buildup in drains and pipes then into the grease trap and eats that grease.  It also helps eliminate fruit fly infestation by consuming their food source.

No harm will ever be done to the environment by the use of Oil Gator or any Gator Products, you simply accelerate the natural bio-remediation process, helping keep our environment clean.

gator beachiiii

Excellent for use on beaches. Using our Gator Tar Ball Caddy method will eliminate the messy and unproductive situation you see in the picture above and accelerates the bio-remediation process.

Oil Gator or Floor Gator will encapsulate and suppress the odor  unseen toxic leachate of low viscosity spills that are so hard to deal with on a beach situation.  It will also encapsulate and remediate the high viscosity tar balls and help remove and/or accelerate bio-degradation, even if left on the beach after tilling. This helps prevent the hydrocarbons/oil from penetrating into and below the surface of the sand.  Left untreated, the oil/hydrocarbon will penetrate deep in the sand or, will be washed over with additional layers of sand where it will be difficult and costly to remove. 

The condition described above, will cause environmental problems for decades to come. 

The use of Gator Products also reduce waste by eliminating the use of plastic bags and bringing excess sand along with the crude to be disposed of, therefore reducing costs. 

Obviously the Tar Ball Caddy is for isolated spills or tar ball invasion. 


For larger areas and low viscosity spills that can’t be removed by hand, below is the “Directions for Use” or “protocol” that appear in the Oil GatorLink.


1. Spills on Beaches:  Apply Oil Gator by hand or with back pack broadcasters. 

Rake by hand or mechanically till into the  sand.  Oil Gator  or Floor Gator will completely encapsulate high or low viscosity crude and the associated unseen leachate. 

When the hydrocarbon comes in contact with Oil Gator or Floor Gator, it balls up to the size of kitty poop, all the way up to the size of horse manure,  suppress the odor, encapsulates the hydrocarbon removing the gluey consistancy for easy handling.

Removal or straining the encapsulated crude oil from the sand may be accomplished with Cherrington  type beachcleaner machines, already in use on the beaches of Alabama, Florida and Mississippi.  

Un-spent Oil Gator or Floor Gator left in the sand are harmless to humans, animals and aquatic life.  It helps accelerate the bio-degradation of any remaining unseen hydrocarbons that are the real “out of sight out of mind” enemy most people seem to ignore or choose not think about. 

Completely eliminates the gooey sticky mess associated with high or low viscosity crude oil spills and cleanup.

Oil Gator or Floor Gator will bioremediate trace oil or leachate left under or in the sand after removal.

The entire process can be done mechanically to reduce labor costs and limit human exposure to the dangerous hydrocarbon VOC’s that have long and short term health risks.

 “Remember the Valdez”  

” for the beach,,, it’s the right thing to do ” 

Oil Gator never goes to waste. It should be used by fire/rescue or local hazmat crews for cleanup and remediation of oil, gasoline or other hydrocarbons on roads, bridges and land due to accidents or spills. Call for pricing and more details. 

(see “A POWER POINT.pdf” on the Oil Gator link and start on tile 43 to see what Oil Gator can do to crude oil.)

Great for use on mangroves, swamps, marshes, river banks and other wetlands.

 Use Gator Wash HD, or Gator Trap at 50/1 to remove oil and other hydrocarbons safely from BIRDS and ANIMALS.

The oil and water going down the drain from the cleaning process, is bio-remediated prior to getting into the waste stream before it creates more pollution.


What about the other Gator Products you were telling me about? 


  • Quickly absorbs, encapsulates grease, oil, fuels and all other hydrocarbons on water.
  • Harmless to plants, animals, and aquatic life
  • Absorbs oil from water by selectively absorbing hydrocarbons and removes the sheen from water surface and floats for easy removal by netting or corralling with booms.
  • Excellent for use in Oil/Water Separators.


  • Absorbs, encapsulates, and biodegrades crude oil, motor oil, transmission and hydraulic oil and other fluid spills from hard floors immediately. Also may be used on land spills.
  • Leaves no residue requiring secondary cleanup, reducing slip and fall accidents.
  • Can be incinerated or disposed of according to local codes.
  • Absorbs 6 times its weight and has the absorbent power of 15-20 bags of cat litter-type absorbents, without the harmful and abrasive silica dust.

GATOR TRAP (concentrated liquid)

  • Used as an all purpose cleaner, Gator Trap cleans and deodorizesfloors, walls, toilets, sinks, drains and pipes, without the use of bleach that pollutes the environment. It removes waste buildup and associated odor as it’s flushed into waste water systems, keeping drains, grease traps and pipes running freely. In addition, it helps reduce or eliminate grease trap pump outs. Enzymes only break up the hydrocarbons (grease and oil) and deposit it further down the waste stream.  Microbes actually CONSUME the hydrocarbons.
  • Helps eliminate fruit fly infestation by consuming their food source.
  • Gator Trap is the same liquid as Gator Wash except it has extra microbes for grease trap and associated waste stream remediation.

GATOR WASH (concentrated liquid)

  • Clean, degrease, and deodorize floors, tile and grout lines, walls, ceilings, carpet, vinyl, upholstery, concrete, vehicles and equipment at a 1:30 dilution ratio
  • Replaces harsh detergents, citrus and caustic cleaners
  • Shop rags, when soaked overnight then rinsed and dried, come out clean and free of stains and offensive odors ~ use a 1:5 dilution ratio
  • Can be sprayed on Oil Gator land farming to accelerate degradation of the hydrocarbons.

GATOR WASH H.D. (concentrated liquid)

  • Removes heavy grease and oil buildups on engine blocks and equipment (1:5 dilution ratio), WON’T FLASH RUST
  • Cleans and degreases, safe water based parts washer solution alternative (1:5 dilution ratio), WON’T FLASH RUST AND YOU WILL SAVE TONS OF MONEY IF YOU USE THAT “SERVICE” to clean your parts washer and oil/water separator. (call for details 800-225-8836)
  • Can be used in pressure washers (1:4 dilution ratio)
  • Recommended for any cleaning application that will flow into an oil/water separator


  • Simply the best acid spill control material in the world
  • Controls, absorbs, and encapsulates acid spills
  • Suppresses vapors released by acids
  • Begins absorbing and neutralizing without spattering or violent reaction
  • Can be incinerated with less than 5% ash
  • Incinerate with less than 5% ash with no harmful pollutants, reducing waste as mandated by the EPA


  • Use booms, socks, and pillows to contain and absorb larger spills
  • Use universal or oil-only pads for cleanup of small spills or as shop rags


  • Spill Kits available in three standard sizes for marine or land use (small behind-the-seat tote, large mobile duffel, and 55-gal. industrial), ready for immediate response to spills of all kinds;  can be customized
  • What does this mean to me?
  • A healthier bottom line due to:
  • – Reduced labor overhead for facility cleaning and maintenance.
  • – Reduced costs in cleaning supplies, one bag of Floor Gator will take the place of 15-20 bags of kitty litter type oil dry.
  • – Reduced liability in terms of slip-and-fall accidents, injuries, and job-related illnesses
  • Having the right product to do the job quickly and efficiently.
  • Easy and safe disposal of used cleaning solutions, wastewater, and absorbents
  • Satisfaction in being community-minded and environmentally responsible.
  • Who makes Gator Products?

Gator Products are the result of a private/public partnership of the Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialization (AARC) Corporation, a wholly-owned government corporation of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). 

” it’s the right thing to do “