Public Restrooms Gallery

A beach restaurant voluntarily complied to ADA (American Disability Act) requirements for a wheel chair accessible rest room. The beverage station area of the floor was relocated to provide enough room for the wheel chair accessible rest room.

The owner of the restaurant used IFS fast cure floors in other restaurants he owned and insisted the IFS fast cure seamless floor be used instead of tile. He understood through experience, that tile grout lines harbor urine and water were odor and bacteria flourish, which eventally, lead to the complete degradation of the tile floor.

Look to the right top of your screen. Fill out the request form for a free white paper called “Get The Real Scientific Facts”. It will explain in plain English, the truthand not conjecture, about tile and ‘other systems’, and the reasons these ‘other systems’ don’t solve the hygienic and eventual degradation problems associated with this and other similar environments.