Restaurants, Eleveated Over Wood

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Do you own an elevated restaurant on or near the water that is built on wood or concrete pilings?
If you do, or even if you don’t and your restaurant is a conventional slab on grade construction, some of the conditions outlined below most likely exist in your facility.

If the restaurant is elevated, whether it’s concrete, wood or steel, there is a 90% chance you have floor and wall problems that are causing unseen structural damage to your facility.

When food and chemical laden water leaks behind FRP board through seams or damaged areas of the board, and/or through the floor, it accelerates the degradation process of wood, concrete and some steels from the acids, sugars, chemicals, etc. present in that water.

In addition, it pollutes the ground, beach, or wetlands below if your restaurant happens to be waterside.

The biggest danger however, it sets you up for an unsanitary environment where food is prepared and then consumed by your patrons.

Tile is the worst system to use over wood or concrete in a wet environment such as a kitchen. Tile can easily delaminate from the substrate especially in wet and hot water situations.

Joints or grout lines behave as a sump pit would in a house or a catch basin in a street. They accumulate and hold water. In that water are sugars, acids and chemicals that degrade the joints.

Once the cold joint that exists at the interface of the joint and the tile breaks loose from thermal shocking or loading, the system is breached.

A breached system will lead to a cesspool under your floor that will spread like an aggressive cancer and lead to the proliferation of ecoli, strep and staph and other harmful bacteria.

As the bacteria builds below the tile floor and migrates onto and into structural members of the building, degradation of these members is accelerated all the while hidden from view, as seen in the photo below. The tile on the left was hiding the degradation under it to the right as seen in the photo.

I have actually seen floors collapse due to this degradation.

The entire wood deck had two layers of plywood that had to be removed due to the degradation.

Many of the joists were rotted to the point that they were replaced or sistered to existing joists as seen below.

The entire kitchen had two new layers of 3/4″ plywood installed with new wood trench drains.
finishedwood 2

A poured in place seamless ARR overlay was installed with decorative colored flake broadcast and two-three clear topcoats. Skid resistance was added only in the aisle ways.

Close up of trench drains and finished floor that is skid resistant and easy to clean.

Video coming soon…keep watching.